Artshield™ Linentex™

Artshield™ Linentex™

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HeatSet® PVC (vinyl) Overlaminating Film with Linen-Like Finish, Pre Perforated

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Product Description

Artshield™ Linentex™ UV (5.0 mil) is a PVC (vinyl), HeatSet® laminating film with an embossed linen-like finish. 

SUGGESTED APPLICATIONS: The textured non-glare finish of Artshield™ Linentex™ UV is ideal for framed portraits, diplomas and certificates.

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Technical Specification

Finish: Embossed linen textured matte
Base Film: 4.0 mil (100 micron) PVC (vinyl)
Adhesive: 1.0 mil (25 micron) solvent acrylic
Release Liner: Moisture stable paper
Initial Tack: Low
Application Temperature: 185°F–210°F (85°C–99°C)
Dwell Time: 4–10 minutes

Application Picture Framing/Photography