MHL™ EarthSmart™ Gloss

MHL™ EarthSmart™ Gloss

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Certified biodegradable BOPP (bio-oriented polypropylene) film with gloss finish

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MHL™ EarthSmart™ Gloss is certified to be biodegradable and compostable according to ASTM standards. The oxo-biodegradation film contains additives that trigger the oxo-biodegradation process under the influence of environmental factors such as sunlight (UV radiation) or temperature changes (humidity or heat). Once the film is disposed of in a landfill, these environmental factors interact with and trigger the additives in the film, causing it to shatter into small pieces. These pieces are attacked by bacteria living in the soil or water and are converted into carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

Since it degrades faster than conventional plastics and does not produce toxic plastic residues, MHL™ EarthSmart™ Gloss reduces the standard biodegradation cycle of film to 2-4 years, minimizing organic waste and reducing plastic pollution.

The film is recyclable and has high dimensional stability. It is suitable for lamination of graphics and food packaging.