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Optically Clear Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive for Mounting to Clear Substrates

635mm x 46m (25" x 150') PSF25150 Please call for pricing
965mm x 46m (38" x 150') PSF38150 Please call for pricing
1295mm x 46m (51" x 150') PSF51150 Please call for pricing
1529mm x 46m (60.2" x 150') PSF61150 Please call for pricing
1829mm x 46m (72" x 150') PSF72150 Please call for pricing
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Drytac's Facemount® adhesives is an optically clear, pressure-sensitive permanent mounting adhesive protected on each side by a clear polyester release liner. 

SUGGESTED APPLICATIONS: Facemount® is engineered for the face mounting of virtually any image to clear substrates like PetG™, Plexiglas™, acrylic, and polycarbonate. Facemount® is also appropriate for lenticular imaging applications and backlit display transparencies, such as Duratrans™.

Watch the Facemount® video series to learn more.

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Technical Specification

Filmic Carrier: 1.0 mil (25 micron) optically clear polyester
Adhesive Bond: Permanent/Permanent
Adhesive Base: Optically clear solvent acrylic
Initial Tack: High
Application Speed: 1'–4' (0.3m–1.25m) per minute
Application Temperature: Room temperature–120°F (49°C)
Release Liner: 2 (one each side)— siliconized polyester

Application Picture Framing/Photography, Retail Sign Programs