Dry Mount Film

Dry Mount Film

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Dry Mounting Tissue for Mounting Irregular Surfaces

1041mm x 25m (41" x 82') MF41082 Please call for pricing
1295mm x 100m (51" x 328') MF51328 Please call for pricing
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A thin PVC carrier, coated on both sides with an acrylic, heat-activated adhesive. Each side is protected by a high quality, moisture stable paper release liner. When ready for use, the release paper is removed, exposing a low initial tack adhesive allowing positioning of a print without the use of a tacking iron. The print can then be repositioned at any time prior to inserting into a heated press.

SUGGESTED APPLICATIONS: Suitable for mounting to canvas, heavily grained or textured substrates, and most other irregular surfaces, including most metals.

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Dry Mount Film

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Technical Specification

Carrier: PVC
Adhesive Type: Acrylic
Adhesive Bond: Permanent
Release Liner: Moisture stable paper
Initial Tack: Low
Processing Temperature: 185°F–212°F (85°C–100°C)
Dwell Time: 60-90 seconds

Application Fine Art Prints, Picture Framing/Photography, Plaque Mounting