Pricing Policy

Goods are charged at the price shown on the product page on the date the order is placed. The price shown on the product page excludes any applicable taxes, which will be calculated at the checkout stage in line with standard U.S. tax regulations. Prices are correct at time of publication. It is the customer’s responsibility to establish current prices at the time of order. Drytac reserves the right, by giving notice to the customer at any time before delivery, to increase any prices for goods to reflect any increases in the cost to Drytac of supplying the goods due to any factor beyond the control of Drytac (such as, without limitation, any foreign exchange fluctuation, significant increase in the costs of labour, raw materials or other costs of manufacture). Errors and omissions are accepted.  

A two-tier pricing structure is in effect on most materials (consumable products).  Liquid coatings and equipment have a different pricing structure.  For details contact your local sales representative.


Orders valued at less than $600.00 qualify for ‘Net A’ pricing. Please note, the minimum order is $50.00 net.


Orders valued at $600.00 or more qualify for ‘Net B’ pricing.  This discount is equivalent to 16.66% on most products.